Fiv3 Racing ( @fiv3racing )

12 February, 2019
“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” - Marie Forleo

Consistency in training is one of the most important components to building proper fitness for a successful race season. @trainingpeaks provides us with tools that we can use to track our fitness over time. In this post, we can see how fitness is built in the Performance Management Chart (PMC)

There are 3 lines in a PMC:
- Pink is Acute Training Load (ATL; Fatigue)
- Blue is Chronic Training Load (CTL; Fitness)
- Yellow is Training Stress Balance (TSB; Form)

The first graphic shows fitness build for a consistent athlete. First box represents early season training, second represents a build to a 70.3, and the last represents a build to an Ironman. This athlete consistently built fitness over time by following their @fiv3racing plan and not skipping days or moving workouts around. Long term consistency lead this athlete to many PRs and an Ironman Podium!

In contrast, the second graphic shows how fitness changes for an inconsistent athlete. The first box represents winter recovery, second box represents some short term consistency, and the last represents inconsistency through skipped workouts. Form and Fatigue intersect frequently, causing Fitness to remain stagnant.

TL;DR - Long term consistency pays off big time. Skipping workouts hurts long term fitness build.

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